Google Hangouts Live Opening to the Public

Google Hangout Live One of the problems that Google Hangout has it is limited to 10 people and you can’t record or embed it on your Web site or YouTube. Over the next couple of weeks Google is going to open up Google Hangout Live, which was being tested by a limited number of users to the public in countries around the world. Now you can do a hangout and have any number of people watch it live. There is also an embed code so you can have people watch the videos live directly from your Web site or your YouTube account. This will allow people who aren’t part of Google + or even Google to watch the video live. The videos will also be recorded and upload to your YouTube channel and to your Google+ post. In order to start a hangout on air yourself you do have to agree to the terms of services. This will link your Google + account with your YouTube channel.

If you are on Google+ you can see what hangouts are live and you can watch by click on the Google Hangout symbol on the left. The top group are the hangouts that available to watch. It also has a list of hangouts that you can join and participate in. So far the ones I have started to watch have not had any commercials, the question is whether this will continue. If it does then this could be a big blow to sites like Justin TV and Ustream.

It will be interesting to see how this works as more and more people start using it. One problem I see already is that some Google Hangouts that are going live, may not be work place or family friendly. I am not sure how to solve this problem. Also although Google Hangouts Live has opened up around the world, it is still limited to a small group of countries and China is not one of them, although it is available in Hong Kong.


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