Latest Google Search Engine Update

Nothing more depressing in seeing your page-views drop, and you having no idea why. While the hit has not been super large I can see a drop off. In the recent Google search engine update we took a hit on traffic and for the life of me I cannot figure it out. The large majority of content here is original, and with over 11,000 original articles we have enough posting history this should not have happened.

The only thing we think it could be is in the way we do show notes for the podcasts. We provide links to all the content we cover, and those show notes/links do not have a lot of context, so in all likelihood our goal of providing links to the content we cover in the podcast is hurting the sites traffic in the eyes of Google, which is really sad as those links are cherished by the 125k plus people that listen to the show.

We started using no follow in the podcast blog postings a while back, which obviously did not help. The Google Webmaster tools are not helping us either as they say everything is good on the site. Sucks but hey its happened before and we will figure it out and regain the traffic. If your a fan you can help by linking to us and if you have some skills would love to hear from you.