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Tiffen Rolls Out New Versions of Steadicam at NAB

Posted by JenThorpe at 5:30 PM on April 16, 2012

Tiffen rolled out brand new versions their popular Steadicam Pilot and Scout Camera Stabilizer systems at NAB 2012. There are two new models in the Steadicam Pilot HD Series: the Pilot HD/SDI and the Pilot HDMI. There also is a new SteadiCam Scout HD System available.

The New Steadicam Pilot HD Series is designed for video professionals. Both new versions have a lightweight Iso-Elastic Arm and a low-profile vest. Each has a low-mass gimbal which allows the operator of the camera to capture fluid movement. They have a No-Tools precision camera stage that provides a solid base for the camera while facilitating smooth adjustment from side to side or front and back.

The Pilot HDMI version uses a fixed aluminum post that is non-adjustable. It also has a pass-through HDMI cable. The Pilot HD/SDI system comes with a CarbonLite expandable carbon fiber post. It is available with 12V, IDX V-mount or standard Anton Bauer. The Pilot HDMI system is standard with Anton Bauer 7.2V ElipZ battery systems.

More Features of the New Steadicam Pilot HD Series:
* Lightweight
* New 7” HD/SDI Composite monitor or New 7” HDMI Composite monitor
* True three-axis gimbal
* Micro adjustable X-Y stage
* Lightweight Iso-Elastic arm with 28” (71cm) boom
* Ultra low-profile lightweight vest
* High-definition wiring on Pilot HDMI version

The New Steadicam Scout HD System is a continuation of their Flyer vest, which is said to be comfortable. The new one has an ergonomic fit of the breastplate that is combined with solid metal shoulder fasteners. This should make the vest very comfortable for those who will be using it for an extended period of time. The vest and pad covers can be removed for easy cleaning. The vest can also be easily adjusted to fit the person who will be using it.

More Features of the New Scout HD:
* 5-18 lbs. camera payload capacity
* No-tools adjustable Iso-Elastic arm
* Dual-axis vernier adjustable stage
* Unparalleled inertial control and dynamically adjustable base
* Is available with a 7” HD/SDI composite 800 nit bright LCD monitor

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