Worshipping at the Altar of Apple Tomorrow

When I started reading the following linked article over on Gizmodo this evening, I nearly sprayed soda all over my computer screen when I read the following about the Apple event in the morning.

“Apple has an event tomorrow, and it will be the Biggest Consumer Technology News of 2012. It will likely remain the Biggest Consumer Technology News of 2012 until Apple’s next event, which may then overtake it.”

Thinking some fan boy had went off the deep end, in their worshiping at the alter of Apple I almost did not read the rest of the article. Realizing a paragraph or two later that the comment was made in jest, it did make me sit back and think a little on how, we as bloggers treat Apple. One thing is correct though if you had a event planned for tomorrow you better re-schedule as it will be all hands on deck for the Apple announcement.

Speaking of fan boys, I have a fan girl, my wife who never asks for anything special has already asked me to order here a new iPad! When my wife knows that a new apple product about to hit the street, things have jumped the shark.

So will you be worshipping at the altar of Apple tomorrow with your credit card in hand? Personally I am not sure about the worship part but I will have my credit card in hand and will be watching the live blog feeds along with millions of others.

Image: Blogger with Bullhorn by BigStock