Apple TV Update Disappoints!

We where all waiting with baited breath today for Apple to announce the new Apple TV aligning with other Apple products in having access to the App Store. Sadly they did not add this functionality. It has left me wondering what Apple’s end goal really is for the Apple TV.

I guess Apple wants everyone to buy gaming and productivity Apps on $500 to $900 iPads, and not on a $99 Apple TV.  I can think of no other reason for the new Apple TV not to be breaking new ground.

So for at least the time being no Angry Birds, or Media Channel apps on the Apple TV! Once again the Roku, Boxee, Samsung Smart TV team can sigh a breath of relief!



  1. says

    Even if there were apps on Apple TV, how would you use it without an iPhone or iPad? Yes you could have some other form of controller but that’s not where things are with Apple.

    Have patience, it should be obvious from the changes in UI that they are heading in that direction but I for one am very happy to wait until they have done the job properly and not just rushed out some load of junk to appease geeks like so many others do.