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Images for Blogging Sites

Posted by geeknews at 11:23 AM on March 5, 2012

One of the main things that bloggers face every day is finding photos to accompany blog post that are free from copyright.

Sadly it is a jungle out there, and with millions of photos on the net you often have no way of tracking down the source, and even when you find a photo you think has been made available to the public domain it may in fact not be. My rule here has been, when in doubt don’t post it and to stay away from Google Image search.

Often times we get lucky and the PR firms will provide us with stock photos we can use, more often than not though we have to fend finding images on our own. Sometimes it is better to play it safe and not put any image up with an accompanying article. There are a number of sources for public domain images, but one has to be very careful and read the fine print on each image license to make sure that it can be used on a commercial website.

Over the coming weeks you will be seeing images on GNC coming from the folks at BigStock Photo, who have a huge library of stock images that can be licensed at a reasonable prices thus avoiding the concerns over using someones image incorrectly.

Image: Workgroup Image by BigStock

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