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Ford Announces Big Update Coming to MyFord Touch Owners

Posted by Alan at 1:47 PM on March 5, 2012

Earlier this afternoon Ford announced they will be issuing a major update this week to all MyFord Touch owners.  MyFord Touch is the in-car touch controls that work with smartphones and MP3 players, along with navigation (when included) to improve driving experience and entertainment options while keeping drivers safe from distractions.

According to a press reslease issued earlier today by the auto maker, “Ford is delivering on the promise of the “Upgradeable Car” –  more than 300,000 current MyFord Touch owners will be receiving upgrade packages in the mail this week that include a USB flash drive with updated software for at-home installation, all free of charge”

Features of the new update include faster system response, easier control, tablet compatibility, simpler controls, enhanced voice recognition, and support for Audible audio books.  Those who have cars with built-in navigation will also receive updated map views, more 3D landmarks, richer graphics, and photo-realistic freeway images.  According to Ford, “When you have finished the upgrade, you’ll need to pair your phone, download your phonebook, and re-enter any saved Navigation points. Also, be sure to bring the USB drive back to your computer to confirm your upgrade using your SYNC Owner account.”  The update is completely free.


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    Great stuff, time well spent!