Is Your Show Being Held Hostage at Mevio?

Some Podcasters who have had their podcasting accounts shut down, deactivated etc, at Mevio. Rumor is they want all their podcasters to sign some form of a producer contract so that they can run more advertising on their shows. Here is some serious advice from a guy that has been involved in podcasting since the very beginning, and advice I have been advocating for a very long time.

  1. Have your own .com as your Primary Point of Presence for your Show.
  2. Always control your RSS feed, never let a third party manage or control it.
  3. Host your media at a professional podcast hosting company not on the website.
  4. Never have your shows “Primary Point of Presence” be on a Third Party Site
  5. Never Sign Exclusive Contracts!
  6. List your sites only on third party sites as a secondary point of presence

The main advice here is to think ahead a couple of years. Think about the damage that would occur if you build a big audience and your free hosting provider pulls the plug on you. Hopefully the podcasters over at Mevio have already planned for this day and have a way to keep there shows up and running without getting locked out.

Disclaimer: I am the CEO of RawVoice a new media and podcasting company. We really have not considered Mevio a competitor in years as there focus changed long ago. We provide media hosting along with being the gold standard in media statistics to content creators! Our business model is largely based around podcast media campaigns, commercial media portals and serving over 10,000 media creators.