Quietly, and Without Fanfare, ATT Has Improved Wireless Service

I read this article over on CNN yesterday, and misread the title as “not good.”  Turns out it’s “got good” instead.  Who knew?

Turns out that quietly, AT&T has been beefing up their wireless backbone, rolling out enhanced 3G and new 4G LTE capabilities across the country.  I’m not sure why they are being quiet about this, unless they are waiting for some sort of “big reveal,” but their network is improving day by day.  There’s already been a 25% reduction in “dropped call” problems, and with the rolling out of the enhanced networks, their service levels may return to something passably good. Or maybe even better!

As I am an AT&T customer who is unlikely to go through the bother of changing wireless companies (since we have a family plan and four phone numbers and a staggered set of contracts that will stretch over the next 20 months), I’m happy to think service will improve.  It’s too expensive to switch, having to buy new phones and pay off contracts.  But maybe there’s hope for our hobbled AT&T service in the coming year.

Still, it’s pretty certain that the perception of AT&T has a long way to go to see any improvement.  Consumers sometimes have long memories, and AT&T has been the worst in service for several years.  It will be interesting to see if the users notice the upgrades.