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2012 International CES CES 2012 officially starts on Tuesday January 10 and runs through Friday January the 13th. CES started in 1967 with 200 exhibitors and 17,500 attendees it has grown 10 fold since them. It now has over 2,000 corporate members with booths in 17 different categories spread over 6 halls. If you are going and you have an Android phone I recommend you download the official CES Android app.

You can check the location of the various exhibitions that you plan to visit and then see their locations on the floor map. You can also add your own schedule to the app. It allows you to enter a title, time of event, location and notes. You can see who the keynote speaker is for each night and when and where they will be speaking. It also gives you a list of the various events and who will be speaking at them. Twitter set to the keyword CES is integrated within the application, so you can keep up with the latest CES news without having to leave the application. There is also a travel and hotel tab within the app which allows you to make hotel and flight reservations. You can also check the various shuttle and monorail schedules and routes.

There are some problems with this app. If I was going to CES I would want to be able to tap on an event and automatically add it to my schedule. You can’t do that with this app you have to add everything manually. Also the maps are view only, you can’t mark booths or add notes. You can’t add notes to events either. To add friends you have to exchange 6 digit code, which seems a little old fashion. Despite these problems I still think this is a valuable app if you are going to CES.  The app is also available on the iPhone and iPad.

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  1. Pretty convenient application! You don’t need to spend tome learning what where and when. Creating of so called event applications may become a new profitable field in Android application development. Developers got a point to think about.

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