Ford revealing it’s new car via mobile App

Ford is giving you the chance to “test drive” the new 2013 Ford Fusion via an Augmented Reality App for iPad, iPod and Andriod OS. The 2013 Ford Fusion will be revealed at the 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January and will also be the “Official Car” of the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

The App is a game that lets players “unlock” levels that will reveal more details about the new car. Once a player has unlocked all the levels (you can only play one level a day kind of like an advent calendar) you will see an image of the new Fusion and be able to share a picture facebook and twitter. You will also be able to drive any of the versions of the Fusion on the track in the game.

To download the game, go to

Here is a walkthough on how the app works:

I think this is a fun way to let us in on what’s coming up at Ford.