Google Currents, It’s Ok have been looking at Google Currents since it came out on the 8th and it’s ok, but that’s all it is just ok. In many ways it is similar to FlipBoard or Zite, but it is missing the social connections that FlipBoard has and the personalization of Zite. First the good news it is well designed and fairly intuitive to use. It is offered on all iOs and Android devices. You have two areas first is your Library and the second is trending topics. The first time you open the app up you are given some default content in your library including Forbes Magazine, Fast Company, Saveur Magazine, PBS and Bleacher Report just to name a few. If you want to add more you simply tap on Library and add the sources you want. You can also add your google reader sourc if you want. There is also a list of curators including Robert Scoble , tech enthusiast and photographer Thomas Hawk. The trending topic shows what is happening now in your area of interest. To dig down into a source you tap on it and then tap on the article, you swipe right to left to read through an article and tap on the arrow at the bottom to get to the next article in the source. If you want to get back to the table of content click on the book at the bottom of the screen. To go back to the main home you hit the home icon. To save or share the article tap on the circle with two arrows pointing up. You can +1 to Google Plus, share to Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook. You can save to Pinboard or Instapaper. You can also email a link.

Like I said Google Currents is ok, but although you can share out, there is no connection to your social network coming in like there is with FlipBoard. With FlipBoard you can add your Twitter list, you can’t do that on Google Currents. Also there is no way to teach Google Currents what articles interest you and those that don’t. On Zite you can thumb an article up and down. You can request more from a certain author with Zite. You can’t do anything like that with Google Currents and that is where it fails. I also find it strange that although you can +1 something you can’t share directly to a specific circle within Google Plus. You would think that the first thing a Google product would do be to share with another Google product. This isn’t to say it will not get better, but for now I am sticking with FlipBoard and Zite.