Shuts Down!

Sadly another Podcast hosting company that was attempting to do Podcast Hosting on the cheap, has figured out that losing money is not a winning solution. Like another podcast company that continue to announce massive losses each quarter, the model of giving away hosting or charging a paltry fee is not a way to run a business. is giving content creators just three days to move their media. This is the second time a podcasting company has done this, in and around the holidays and also with very little advanced notice.

Even more distressing for the media creators is that the site is currently offline and it looks like the domain may be under the ownership of a domain re-seller. Which does not bode well for the content creators at

Content creators that have been shut out, I encourage you to look at the hosting services provided by and the bevy of other new media creator services we provide.


  1. Félix says

    I have been trying to backup a podcast since past friday, but the server were always unavailable. I do not think they will come back up.