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The Gadget Professor Welcome to The Gadget Professor’s podcast, Show #32 hosted by Don Baine.

Today”s show features a review of the iWave IA310 Dash Mount Holder to hold your GPS and Smartphones securely in place. You can keep your cell phone, PDAs, GPS, radar detectors, and a wide range of gadgets on the Universal GPS mount. The high tech anti-material used in the mount provides a heavy weight filled base which ensures that it stays on your dashboard. The portable GPS mount stays at the right distance from your wheel, which makes it for you to toggle while you drive. Designed to fit all models with an adjustable and secure holder, the smartphone car mount offers high portability and is ideal for people on the go. Enjoy easy, hands-free navigation next time you hit the road. Learn how to amplify your WI-FI range. Save a webpage to pdf. Lot’s of stuff in today’s episode.Sit back and relax while you watch The Gadget Professor.

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