BlogWorld and New Media Expo – Where did New Media Go!

My team has had a few days to reflect on BlogWorld and New Media Expo Los Angeles which wrapped up Sunday.. While attendance may been at all time highs, it was not because the new media folks where at the show. In years past we would be swamped from the beginning of the show, to show close. This year we had a 2.5 hours rush then very lite traffic.

Surveying badges, Central California was in the house sadly though very few out of state badges. The new media folks that where at the show where largely either speakers or folks from the local area. It’s pretty frustrating as we know there are 1000’s of new media creators out their yet they are not coming to the show. This is not the first year we have seen a decline last year traffic was down, but traffic this year was simply horrible.

I am not sure what the answer is, or where we go from here, but my team has to go where the media creators are in the future! The team at BlogWorld has worked hard and the bloggers have turned out in mass but the podcasting community has abandoned this show.