Tommyknocker: A Digital Doorbell with USB Ports to add MP3 Sounds

tommyknocker USB Connected Doorbell
tommyknocker USB Connected Doorbell

Ding Dong. That might a sound you hear constantly and could drive you batty. But what if you could have Jay-Z as your doorbell tone? Every time someone rings the button, you hear Pink Floyd’s “Time” start playing.

That is what the New Jersey company Predominance wants to do. They have developed a digital doorbell that can play whatever songs you have on that USB stick.

The Tommyknocker (  is not a computer, but a digital doorbell. You would replace your electonic doorbell on the inside of your house with the Tommyknocker. Once you connect power lines and mount to the wall, you simply just have to plug in a USB stick with MP3’s and set your doorbell ring.

You do have to convert other audio formats to MP3. It doesn’t give a time limit, so you could be rocking out to some Kings of Leon while you answer the door. Definitely better than “DING”.

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