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Mophie Juice Pack Plus Update

Posted by geeknews at 3:01 PM on August 28, 2011

Over the past two  years I have had a love hate relationship with the Mophie Juice Pack. It has been awhile since my last update, but I wanted to let you know my recent experience has been. When I owned a iPhone 3g I went through three of their external battery cases and reported here about the mortality rate of those cases when dropped while being charged. Essentially anytime the charge cable got banged while plugged into the case the internal plug would break.

In recent moths I upgraded to a iPhone 4, and went and purchased their latest rechargeable battery case after having been given assurances at CES 2011 that the new cases had been redesigned and the weakness in the connector had been resolved… Well not so fast. On my latest trip I had my phone plugged in charging, on the bedstand next to me and I accidentally knocked the phone off the bed stand and you guessed it the connector broke in the same exact way previous versions have.

Honestly I just shook my head… The connector in the Juice Pack Plus was rattling around like the others had. It just really blows me away that a device cannot be made to withstand an 18 inch fall of a bed stand onto a carpeted floor. But I disregard my own advice and had it in a place where it could slide of the bed stand.

Some will say Todd your pretty stupid in keep on buying these things. This may be true but no other external battery gives me more extra battery life that is as easy to use. So I will give everyone warning again. Only charge you phone in which you are using a Mophie Juice Pack in a location that will in no way be at risk of falling of a table or counter.

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