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Show 700 Prize Giveaway!

Posted by geeknews at 6:11 PM on August 20, 2011

I will be giving out some great prizes on Show 700 and to qualify to win you must submit as many answers as you can to these Trivia questions.

1. What was the Date of the First Show?
2. What city was the First Show Recorded in?
3. What Show episode caused so much jealousy that I lost 1/2 my audience over night?
4. What was the name of the First Podcasting book and who was it’s Author?
5. Who was the First Sponsor of the show?
6. Who was the Second Sponsor of the show?
7. Which two Sponsors have been with the show the longest?
8. What show did I introduce Video?
9. What Annual Podcast event do I host (two answers ok)
10. Who is the Blue Man
11. What island within an island was the Show originally recorded on?
12. What is the most number of shows I have missed in a row since the beginning?
13. What do I call loyal listeners of the Audience.
14. When I started the show what kind of mic and headset did I use?
15. What was your most memorable episode?

While I know many of you will not be able to answer all of these which will not disqualify you, but I am sure some of you will get all of them correct. So all you need to do is send me an email at give it your best show put “Show 700″ in the subject line and we will announce the winners of some cool prized on Episode 700!

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