Infographic: iPhone vs Android

While Android started off very slowly from it’s debut, it has become the leading smartphone OS.  Google recently claimed 500,000 activations per day.  Of course, their biggest rival in the market is Apple’s iPhone.  So, how do they stack up in a head-to-head comparison?

Tech Heavy recently published an infographic illustrating what a comparison of the two market giants looks like.  They hit the highlights, such as carriers, price, keyboard, screen size, battery, and durability.  Apple fans won’t be particularly happy by the findings, but most of the information in not really open to debate.  Keyboards, of course, are a personal choice, and durability is subjective, but thing like price and screen size don’t leave any room for argument.

You can view the infographic below and draw your own conclusions.  Put in the comments, because we would love to know what you think.