WordPress Launches First Visual Editor App for WebOS

WebOS is the most underrated mobile operating system on the market.  It has everything but a large user-base.  So, it seems a bit strange that WordPress has chosen it to be the first recipient of their new visual editor app.  Android, with the largest market share, would have been a no-brainer, iOS would have seemed logical, and Windows Phone would not have been a major surprise (Microsoft has been know to throw some money the way of developers for things like this), but it landed on WebOS.

WordPress already has rudimentary apps available for Android and iOS, but they lack the power and functionality of the WebOS release.

The WebOS WordPress app uses sliding panes to navigate between various sections and editors.  You can easily edit text, add media, and get a preview of what your post will look like before publishing it to a website.  You can not only moderate comments on your posts, but also get notifications when new comments arrive through the WebOS’s native notification system.

The app supports both WordPress.com hosted sites and self-hosted sites also.  WordPress for webOS is a free app and is available for the HP TouchPad through HP’s App Catalog.  You can watch a walk-through video below.