GNC #679 Wisconsin Internet Battle

Geek News Central Podcast Start the show out talking about the Wisconsin Internet Battle and close out talking about big medias battle of Roku, Boxee, etc..

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Show Links
Wisconsin Internet Battle.
Cable 4.5 gbps?
Skype coming to Comcast.
50% of iPhones never Synced.
Is Your Pin on the List. going after
Instagram at 5 Million Users.
Anonymous going after Fed Reserve?
YouTube going after Money Makers.
Flying Radiation Calculator.
Great Pyramid Video.
Ingenuity at its best.
Apple Genius Unionized?
Cardiac Arrest Algorithm.
New Surveillance Initiative.
Judges Fed Up.
Space Station on Mars Swamp gas.
Opportunity keeps on Trucking.
Meteorite Analysis. Black Listed.
Gee No Evil.
32 Anonymous Operatives Arrested.
New Heart Pump.
Apple TV Apps Close?
FCC tells Traditional Media your on your own.
Advertising Changes that is good!
Hope for Xbox.
Court Battle on Seized Domains.
Apple iCloud Security.
Google Doc Templates.
Mixtab Rss Reader.
Car Sales Tips.
Canadian Streaming Sites.
1gbps Internet Service.
Turn your iPad into a Phone.
Boxee Update Coming.
Hack Shield for Pace Makers.
Roku in Walmart.
Galaxy Tab to AA.
Web Designer Tools.
More Android Malware.
Cable Providers get Some Help with IPTV.