New and Improved Link Farm Scams

New form of link farming is happening in the blogosphere. The days of people trying to buy text links on your websites are largely gone.  What has cropped up is a more malicious form of link farming.

At least 3-4 times a week I get am email the reads like this.


Hi there,

We’re all big fans of Geeknewscentral here at “SomeStupdWebsite” and noticed you use to feature cool infographics now and then.

We just launched this new infographic called “The most amazing Tech companies”  and we were wondering if it’s worthy to be featured on your site. We can provide you the pre-written article to post into your page.

What do you think?

Another Dumb Marketing Scam Salesman


The emails all hover around the same theme, how they love our site and how they want to help us and provide content to us on a regular basis, while all the time linking back to their source article to use my sites reputation to build their sites reputation.

At least before the Text Link farmers were willing to pay a few bucks for the opportunity to build their page rank. These new scammers must think were stupid.