GNC #667 Big Media wants a Fight!

Ohana, over the past month I have been entertaining an offer that would have resulted in new owners of Geek News Central, and the Geek News Central Podcast. The offer was a darn good one and while I would have remained the host of the show it boiled down to I am not done yet. While I am sure I will question my decision for a while, as it was a “really” good offer and the team that was looking to acquire the show was top notch it just did not make sense to do it. Some more insights in the show today, but I just want to assure all of you I am not going anywhere.

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Show Notes:
UBL Death set Twitter Record.
Twitter CNN Moment?
News Vs Social.
Firefox 5?
Sony Bleeding Credit Card Data.
Android Tethering Crackdown.
AT&T kills the Party.
Can Google TV be Saved?
Radiated Cars?
SETI True Costs.
Judges figuring out IP Pitfalls.
Is Facebook a big Spy site?
Wanna work at Google 16 versus 5 Interviews.
Sony declines Congressional Invite?
New Twitter Ad Units.
New Windows 7 API.
Do you own your Location Info?
Don’t waste your money!
Bigger Pockets for Bigger Devices nerd Alert.
Retro iPhone Charger.
Reduce the Volume Automatically.
Google App Changes.
Dropbox Tips.
Jailbreak Pros and Cons.
Shuttle RSS Retract.
Asteroid Collision.
Endeavor New Launch Date.
Righthaven gets another bloody nose.
NHL has lost their minds.
No fair use in the UK?
Whitehouse 301 Report has IP Wacth List?
Measure your Bandwidth.
Some people get good Genes.
VPS Seedbox.
One Lucky Dude.
AT&T deals?
Twitter buys Tweetdeck.
Google Voice Search.
Measuring the White iPhone.
Hackers hit Pakistani Twitter User.
Another Nuclear Leak.
IOS 4.3.3 to plug Tracking.
Firefox 4.0 hits 10%