GNC #666 My Wife wants What!

The month is winding down, but I could not be happier the team of writers at GNC have been kicking out some pretty awesome content. The refresh of the show formula so far is working and the feedback so far has been positive. I am on the search for existing talent across the new media space. Do you know of a show that is considered to be at the top of the class in their genre? If so I want to talk to them… Big thanks to the Insiders for all their support and of course the Ohana for being part of the show.

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Show Notes:
Finding that Perfect Domain.
Google Garage.
Boost your Brain Power with 9 volt battery!
TomTom has some explaining to do.
** Watch the ESA Video.
X Marks the Spot!
Voyagers in Deep Space!
Endeavor getting built!
Endeavor Facts
Qik Apps Updated.
Tungle purchased by Rim.
PSA Notices now on Seized Domains.
Ukrainians Shut down Adult P2P Site.
P2P Used for Movie Distribution.
Windows 8 Store Settings in Cloud?
Internet oh how far we have come.
New Type of Shovel?
DualLink Sync Cable.
High Speed Camera on the Cheap?
Upload Images into Google Doc Spreadsheets.
Chilling Effects.
Gmail / Outlook Sync Expanded.
Wireless Lockdown?
Custom Gaming Machines by Walmart?
More Free Android Apps over iOS.
Progress off to ISS.
Social Spy.
Copyright Blocks 81 yr old Jazz recordings.
Chrome gets Patched.
LTE Outage.
2028 Computers become Aware?
Amazon Cloud Issues.
Apollo 18 Films?
HP Gets Huge NASA Contract.
Is Part of your Brain Sleeping?
White iPhone.
YouTube Founders buy
Facebook DMCA Broken.
DOJ No more Microsoft Oversight.
Apple iPhone 5 in testing.
Hackers have Playstation Credit Cards?
Microsoft Revenues.
Only 5 Million?
Samsung swings again at Apple.