GNC #665 Tech Takes Over Store!

I hope you have been pleased with the format tweak, while all may not be 100% apparent I have made some major process changes here over the past 2-3 shows that I am going to work very to keep in check. One thing should be obvious slightly shorter show.. 1 hour and 10 minutes +/- 4 minutes is the goal.. Keeps you listening longer and keeps the cream of the crop content in the heart of the show.. Going long is something that grew into a monster that I hope to keep tame..

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Cell Tower in a Suitcase.

Show Notes:
We don’t track Anyone! (Yea Right)
Apple and Google Summoned to Washington D.C>
South Korea / Europe Start Investigations on Apple!
Facebook Send Button.
Sprint wants a Look at AT&T Docs.
Not your Standard Internet Cafe.
Facebook Locals.
God Particle at LHC?
The Sun!
Wifi on Plane but no Power Plugs?
New Lunch bag for Kids ;)
Simply Ridiculous!
Webm Coalition
Seagate Hybrid SSD.
Whistle “Free Calling” App.
Make Reservation to Charge your Car?
Apple Record Sales.
11 Billion Product Lock In.
More Dumb Criminals.
SurveyMonkey Buys Form Company.
Netflix still growing.
Dropbox tries to kill Open Source Project.
Demand Media Fallout Bad.
Google Preview for Ads.
Android App Giveaway.
Tech Takes Over Store.
Rent Videos from YouTube?
Did you turn on Do Not Track?
Trolls Winning?
TV Waking Up?
Wanna buy a IP address?
Amazon Outage.
Nook has Apps?
Yahoo buys TV Interaction Company.
FBI raids Actors Guild Member.
Level3 Buys Global Crossing.