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Google Docs Update

Posted by Alan at 6:51 PM on March 15, 2011

Google announced today another update to their online Docs software.  If you haven’t used Google Docs, it basically an online Office-type application that beat Microsoft to the punch.  Docs is great for online collaboration and cloud storage.  The latest update allows users to graph multiple ranges and the ability to hide sheets.

Graphing multiple ranges can be done by clicking on Select ranges… and add another range. This gives users the ability to create charts that show multiple graphs to contrast different trends.  It’s handy, especially if you want to contrast and compare such things as origins of web traffic or company income.  It’s something users have wanted for sometime now.

The ability to hide sheets is another Spreadsheet addition that Docs users will find helpful.  To enable it you simply need to click a sheet and choose Hide Sheet.  This doesn’t completely remove the sheet from a users view – to bring it back into view you can click the Hidden sheets option in the View menu.  This probably isn’t as needed as the graphing addition, but I’m sure there are users out there that were really wanting this option.

While Microsoft’s online version of Office, known as Office 365, continues to languish in private Beta, Google Docs is moving forward.  It’s encouraging that they are coming closer to a full suite that can rival Office.  They aren’t there yet, but in terms of online applications they are probably ahead.  And that, going forward, is probably the best place to be.


  1. From Norah at 9:06 pm on March 15, 2011

    Google docs has taken great strides. However, zoho still remains the most feature rich online office replacement. Check it out:

  2. From teemark at 12:00 pm on March 16, 2011

    I’m sorry, but my experiences with Google Docs has been that they fall far short of the current Microsoft Office suite. I would put Google Docs on the same level as Office 2003.
    The calendar sharing, scheduling, and integration between Outlook, Word, and OneNote is years beyond what I’ve seen in Google docs. (OneNote has become my personal filing system/Wiki/sharing resource. Not sure how I ever got along without it.)

  3. From teemark at 1:09 pm on March 17, 2011

    So, does anyone else ever comment on articles at GNC? Todd says the site gets plenty of page views, but I see very little discussion. The articles are good, so where is the commentary?
    The discussion on articles at Neowin and Ars run to multiple pages. GNC followers must be the quietest readers on the planet.

  4. From Andrew at 5:33 pm on March 17, 2011

    I’d like to think that the GNC readership is a bit more mature that, say, Engadget’s readers, but you do have a point. There is some occasional debate. Perhaps that comments aren’t displayed in-line doesn’t help but I’m not sure.

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