TabSafe Medication Management System

Carissa talks with Jim from TabSafe about their award-winning TabSafe Medication Management System. Aimed at keeping an ill person at home when they would otherwise have to go into care, it not only reminds the person when to take their medication, but it also records vital readings such as blood sugar level and blood pressure, and prepares them for the physician to give a picture of wellness over time.

TabSafe is modular to cope with multiple prescriptions. For as-needed medication, it monitors the frequency of use and will prevent overdosing by refusing to dispense the medication when it detects excessive use.

The setup of the prescription regime is programmed via the TabSafe website so it can be done by the carer or the patient. If the medication isn’t taken by the patient, an alert is sent by phone to the carer.

Priced at $1099 for purchase or $50 per month rental. Available now from their website.

Interview by Carissa O’Brien for Tech Podcast Network.

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