Hauppauge Brings Mobile TV To Pretty Much Everywhere

Andy talks with Hauppauge about their new WinTV Mobile.  It’s a receiver that picks up ATSC over-the-air mobile TV signals.  It will allow a user to watch live mobile TV while on the go – even in a moving vehicle.  It’s a small device that can plug right into the USB port of any notebook or even netbook.

Unlike many products shown as CES, this one is available immediately.  It is retailing for $70, which is a small price to pay to keep children occupied on a long road trip.  Sorry Apple fanboys – this one is Windows only.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News

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One thought on “Hauppauge Brings Mobile TV To Pretty Much Everywhere

  1. This is an interesting concept since current TV broadcasters are able to provide the necessary media package to be picked up the by USB device. However, it seems limited to the current problems with having a TV now, it still does not provide TV broadcasters the number of viewers using this device in their location. But it will be interesting to see this grow over the next few years.

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