Multitouch Display


Tom Newman spoke to Timo of Multitouch Display about the multitouch display they are working on. These displays are multitouch and multiuser. You can have multiple people using the display at the same time. You can put up to 14 of these displays together.This system can run on a wall or tabletop. The displays are stackable and can be movable. The displays themselves are between 32 and 42 inches. They hope to get the display down to less the 6 inches. All the displays are run through 1 PC. The system can work with Windows , Mac OS X and Linux. They will be offering SDKs for programmers. The system will take programs created in C++, Flash or Silverlight.

Right now these displays are geared toward business and large organizations. It is found in business lobbies, museums, and hotels. However they do plan toward the consumer market. Since the what is on the screen depends on the application that are being given to it. It is just a blank screen without the applications. One possible consumer usage could be for games. This is an interesting technology and will only get better and more compelling over time

Interview by Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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