Dexim: Charging Solutions for Your Iphone or Ipod

Dexim offers several quality charging solutions for the iPhone and iPod. The P-Flip Foldable Solar Power which is a solar battery and dock. It allows you to charge and sync your iPhone or iPod using solar power. It takes about 15 hours of direct sunlight to do a full charge. You can also charge through the mini-USB cable that is included. The battery output 5VDC and has an input power of 5V 1000mA.

They also offers a P-flip Foldable Power which charges through the USB cable only and is a little smaller. Both the P-Flip Foldable Solar Power and the P-flip Foldable Power can extend talk time up to 8 hours, music up to 60 hours, video up to 15 hours and gaming up to 15 hours.

The Super Juice Power Case acts both as a case and a charger. It is made for iPhone 4 only. It extends talk time up to 6 hours, 40 hours for music, 10 hours for video. It has a 2000mAH lithium polymer battery. There is a micro-USB cable included which allows you to charge your phone without removing the case.

There is a built-in kickstand and an on/off switch included. If you are looking to save some energy at home you may want to take a look at the Visible Green Charge. When you are charging your iPhone or iPod a blue light flows through the charging cable.  As the charge reaches 65 percent the flow starts slowing down. When the iPhone  reaches a full charge the light flow stops and the charger shuts down. This can save up to 85 percent of the standby power, when your device is not charging. This is a fast and easy way to know when your device has finished charging and save some money while you are at it.

Interview by Tom Newman from Fogview

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