Clocky The Alarm Clock that Moves

Gauri Nanda had a problem while she was at MIT she couldn’t get up for class in the morning, the snooze button had become her friend. She had to find a solution and quick. After looking around and not finding a reasonable solution, she decided to design some thing herself as part of an Industrial Design Course at the MIT Media Lab. What she came up with was Clocky. When the alarm goes off Clocky jumps from the dresser and starts moving around the room forcing the user to get out of bed and catch it to turn it off. At first Clocky was made just for Gauri Nanda, but then a blogger heard about it and began to sing its praises soon everyone wanted one. There was even an article in Inc. Magazine about it. Gauri Nanda set up a Web site Nanda’s Home and began selling the product on-line and in retail stores. Now Clocky has a more hip tech savvy version called Tocky which not only moves but it allows the user to input their own wake-up message or their favorite mp3. Clocky is $39.00 and can be found at the web site, at various on-line and off line dealers including Amazon. Tocky is sold for $69.00. Want something with an old-fashion analog face then try Ticky which sells for $59.00. Both Clocky and Tocky come in various colors and you can buy skins to change the color depending on your mood or decor.

Interview by Scott Elliot team member Tech Podcast Network

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