EZAIR a Wireless Solution for Transferring Video

You are sitting front of your TV with your lap top open, all of a sudden you see a video on the lap and you want to show it on your TV, You want to be able to do it fast and easy, that is what the EZAIR allows you to do. The Ezair receiver plugs into your HD monitor and the transmitter plugs into your PC.

Now you can stream the content from your pc to your TV. Your lap top must be within line of site of the hardware and can’t be more than 30 feet away. The signal that is sent out is proprietary, so someone in the next room can’t steal the signal and see what you are showing on your monitor. There are two modes, the first is the mirror mode, which as you might expect takes what is on your pc and shows a copy of it on to your TV. The second mode is the extender mode, which allows you to show one thing on your TV monitor , while working on something else on your computer.

There is both a home and business solution. The home solution EZVIEW transmits video to a single monitor up to 780p and is $149.00. They now have a Mac solution called EZDOCK which can transmit up to 1080p video to one monitor for $159.00 The business solution called EZVIEW+ be set up as a docking station and can transmit video to up to 3 monitors at 1080p. The business model cost $189.00. If you want to transmit audio from your PC to your 5.1 receiver then you might want to look into the EZVIBE which is available for just $89.00. EZAIR products should be available at your local retailer sometime in January and for further information you can visit the EZAIR site.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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