How Popular Is Angry Birds?

The other day my wife and kids were in line at the local Verizon store, waiting to purchase a screen protector for my daughter’s phone.  That was when I got a text from said daughter telling me that the guy in front of them was there to get a solution to a major problem that he was having with his phone – his Angry Birds didn’t work!  Seriously?!

I have Angry Birds installed on my Droid X – both the regular and Seasons versions.  I think I have played it twice, but my kids borrow my phone and they are apparently close to beating at least one version.  All of this got me to thinking – exactly how popular is this game?  I tried to do some research.

Since the game was first released for Apple’s iOS in December of 2009 it has been downloaded more than 12 million times from the Apple App Store.  Since then it has been released for Android and Symbian and, according to Wikipedia, it has been downloaded more than 50 million times across all available platforms.  There are no more solid numbers or rankings available, unfortunately.

According to PocketGamer the most popular game ever is Tetris, with over 100 million downloads.  Given that Angry Birds is topping 50 million in only one year it is probably safe to assume it will catch up.  Why?  Well, it’s fun, kind of addictive (REALLY addictive for some people), and cartoonized enough to be unrealistic, thereby making it acceptable to parents of younger children.

You have to wonder what other twists Rovio may currently be working on for the game.

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  1. Not much for games myself but I do find myself drawn back to it over and over again. I had it on my Droid X which I returned to the Verizon store due to it basically getting in the way od phone use (can’t answer with one hand), installed crapware and bad cell service. So I installed it on my iPod Touch. My wife keeps playng it over and over as well on her iPad. We’re in the 50+ age group so it does transcend

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