GoalZero Portable Solar Charging Solutions!

Green was another big theme again at CES 2011 and GoalZero had a full line of portable recharging products. I have often been skeptical of these types of devices but it is obvious that GoalZero know what they are doing and use a very logical approach to their entire product line. If you want something that will simply charge a phone, or something that will keep a light on all night or charge a laptop they have it and it will scale.

Combining battery storage with solar technology is a great combination and the prices are such that any outdoor person would consider picking up some of their solutions. This is the portable solar powered charging solution that I can endorse without reservation!

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  1. Delia Ann Kennedy says

    If home solar power can’t march in the front door it’s going to sneak in the back door in the shape of geeky gadgets. No matter, as long as the world changes to solar panels and wind power. Every home on earth should be operating on renewable energy sources.


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