Kingston’s MobiSX

Ipads and Iphones are cool but no matter how much storage they have there is never enough storage. You could of course carry an extra hard drive with you, but that sort of misses the point of the Ipad. Kingston has solution that doesn’t require you to carry an extra drive with you. Kingston which is known for memory products, is introducing a new wireless storage device at CES 2011, called the MobiSX The MobiSX is basically a flash storage drive with Wifi built-in. It’s available with 16GB or 32GB drive. You get about 4 hours of battery life out of it if you are streaming and 6 hours in stand by. It uses a lithium ion battery. It looks about the size of an Iphone only thicker. The device is assigned an Ipad address. On your Ipad and Iphone you then go to the Safari browser enter in the IP address and you can then access any file that is on the MobiSX no matter the type of file or where you are. You can stream to up to three devices from it at one time. If this works as good as advertised, this will be a great way to double your Ipad or Iphone storage.

Only a few people saw this device being demonstrated and I don’t think anyone has gotten their hands on it, so the information about it is limited. I am wondering if you can access the information is you don’t have wi-fi available, which could be a draw back for some people. Right now they expect it to be available sometime this year and start at a price of $99.00 for the 16GB version.