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There is that classic scene in many war movies where one of the protagonist is waiting behind a wall and he looks up and he sees one horse rider appear above the hill, then there is two and soon the hill-side is filled with an army charging toward him. I suspect that Apple is feeling a little like that protagonist, when it look over the number of tablets that are supposed to be introduced at CES 2011. The question remains are these contenders or pretenders, so far nothing that has come out has come close to knocking Ipad off the top of the heap. Up until now all Android Tablets have been based on the Android phone os being blown up to fit on a tablet. CES 2011 is the first time that tablets are being introduced that are based on an os that is made for a tablet, Honeycomb aka Android 2.4 . Motorola is one of those companies, they are expected to introduce a new Tablet named Droid XOOM. It is expected to have up to 32GB of internal storage and a slot for a micro-SD card, front camera and rear facing camera. It will not run on the 4G network when it is initially released. The video below is with Andrew Rubin, VP of Engineering at Google showing a protype of the Motorola tablet with Honeycomb.

The Motorola Droid XOOM is just one of 70 tablets expected to be shown at CES 2011. Many will be Android based, but only a few will be Honeycomb. There will also be Window Tablets and HP will show off its tablet based on the Palm OS. It is going to be interesting to see if Verizon and other carriers can avoid the urge to force people to have installed applications they don’t want. We can only hope, however history tells us that hope maybe futile. Even though I am a big fan of the Ipad, I hope someone comes out with something that can compete against it, maybe the Motorola Droid Xoom is such a device. Competition will only make all of them better.

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  1. I would definitely buy Xoom. It is expensive so I’m hoping that I can get my money’s worth. And why is Atrix under AT&T? I think it would be better to have it under Verizon.

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