Roku XD|S

This is my unboxing and initial setup of the Roku XD|S. I do apologize for the shaky video, I was recording this on my Iphone. I also realized after I had finished uploading the video that I said there was an ethernet connection at the end of the box and I meant to say HDMI connection. So here is the video

There are a couple of things that I noticed when I was setting it up. First you do need a computer to do the initial setup, including registration and to add any accounts you have such as Netflix or Amazon Video. Once you have everything set up then no computer is required. The other thing I noticed is that I couldn’t find Ustream or Youtube in the Channel Store, even though I had seen other people go to it on their Roku Box. I discovered these are considered private channels that have not gone public yet on the Roku Box. To enable them you need to go to Roku Channel Database find the channel you want and then input the code in to your account channel directory According to the instructions it can take up to 24 hours for a private channel to show up, however all the ones that I have added have shown up within five minutes. I’ve only had the Roku for a couple of hours. There are a couple of things that I wish it had, such as the ability to bookmark where you stopped a video and the ability to search. After only having it for a few hours I am already very happy I got the Roku XD|S.

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  1. Have you had any success viewing local content through the USB connection? I recently purchased the Roku XD because the $20 Amazon discount made $59 too hard to pass up. However, I have a lot of local content that I am looking for a better way to stream to my TV. I’d love to just be able to plug in a USB drive to a Roku and view that way.

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