GNC-2010-12-20 #636 Not a Top Tech Blogger?

I received an email today from a PR firm that set me off, I talk about it in the show. It is funny when a perfectly good email has three words in it that change the whole dynamic of the mailing, listen in when I talk about the “Top Tech Blogger” attending CES that really in no way deserves that title in any way shape or fashion and everyone that has a clue that got the email will know it. I also talk about how I got pwned, during the podcast awards and the banning of a podcast from participation for life.

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Show Notes:
Did you watch the Eclipse.
NEC + Android + CES = Lets See.
Google TV Regroup.
Google TV Update.
Yelp iPad App Update.
Tivo Bans Netflix and Hulu.
Roku Sales Rocking!
Here comes Comcast in Set Top Box!
Adobe at a Billion.
iPad App Money Machine Nightmare.
Novatel LTE Modem
Google Body Browser.
LTE + Android @ CES!
Xerox Smart Document Table.
AT&T buys some RF Spectrum.
Windows Live Writer 2011.
Overnight Free Shipping from Amazon Now!
Level 3 – Comcast Lied!
Saving Google TV!
Join me Jan 1st in cutting the cord!
Green USB Charger!
Powermat Wireless iPhone Charger!
Upgrade your Fridge :)
Protect that DSLR!
MPAA / RIAA go Large on Lobby Money!
.com Abandonment in P2P Space!
Green Google?
Tanking Test for Shuttle.
Soyuz docks at ISS!
Four books on Net Neturality.
Kinect getting a Upgrade?
Vancouver fights back on BW Caps!
Paypal Mission Control.
Insider Trader in Jail.
Patent that Test.
Wanna be a Snitch (Gag)
US Training International Judges with your Money?
Snow Mobile Jumping Radical!
Delicious for Sale.
Gifts for College Students.
Itunes/Apple TV and Google DNS not Good!
Gmail Calling Free extended.
Motorola CES Teaser Video.