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Xmarks Officially Announces They Will Stay In Business

Posted by Alan at 3:46 PM on December 9, 2010

I think by now everyone has probably heard that Xmarks will not be going out of business as they had previously announced.  After an outcry from users they relented somewhat and looked into possibly becoming a pay service, as was previously reported here.  Many users, myself included, pledged to pay for the service.

Then there were whisperings of a purchase by another company.  A deal with, Mozilla, and even one with Google were all rumored to be possible.  But, LastPass was ultimately the one to save the great bookmark syncing program.  For those wondering what that would mean to Xmarks’ future the answer came in an emailed announcement this morning.


Thank you for your recent pledge to keep Xmarks alive. After a
near-brush with shutting down, we’re happy to report that
Xmarks has been acquired by LastPass, the leading password and
data manager.

The acquisition means two things for Xmarks users:

1) Xmarks will continue as the same free service that you know
and love.

2) Xmarks now offers a Premium service for $12 per year that
includes the iPhone and Android apps, advanced features, and
priority support.  See for
more information.

We hope that as an Xmarks user who pledged your support to keep
Xmarks alive, you will consider upgrading to Xmarks Premium to
gain access to these features. Your support will not only
ensure our long-term viability, but will also help accelerate
the introduction of new features and service improvements.

To upgrade to Xmarks Premium, visit

We’re excited to continue providing the best data-syncing tools
out there!

The LastPass & Xmarks Teams

This means that Xmarks will continue to operate as it always has, and that’s great news.  It’s possible that the 2 services will eventually be merged in some way, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.  And if you were one of the ones who pledged money to keep them alive then it’s now time to listen what they have said in this email and pluck down the $12 annual fee for the premium service.

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