Wylio Searches For Free Pictures For Bloggers

If you have a blog and are always looking for photos to spice up your posts then there’s anew site that you will want to check out.  It’s called Wylio.  It searches millions of creative commons photos to find what you are looking for.  Just use common sense about what you find, as their website states:

“be pragmatic when you decide what photo to use. If it’s painfully obvious that “flickr_user_1234″ isn’t the copyright owner for that Coca-Cola logo they uploaded… don’t use it.”

It’s free to use and sing-up is required.  To get started simply visit the website and enter your search term and see what you find.

Adding a photo is not quite as easy as right-clicking and choosing  “copy image”, though.  Instead, once you have selected your photo, you click the “get the code” button and then paste the code into your blog’s HTML.  It will add links back to the photographer.

This is one of the easier ways to find pictures, but it is NOT the easiest way to add them to a blog.  In fact, it’s downright difficult to get their code to work, at least in WordPress, which is what we use.  It’s a good resource and if you have time to play around then you’ll love it.  If you’re a casual blogger or not particularly tech-savvy then you may want to look elsewhere.


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