GoDadddy Business Solutions

No one likes spending more money than they should. For a couple of years I have been using Survey Monkey to do a variety of surveys and my renewal time is upon me. I currently pay nearly $240.00 a year for the service. Sow  while I was looking around on GoDaddy tonight I ventured into their business solutions section and found that they have a service called GoDaddy Site Surveys that cost less than $3.00 a month. On the surface taking a quick look at it, I know I can replace Survey Monkey with Godaddy Site Surveys.

This sure beats the $240.00 I am paying survey monkey each year for the survey service. The deltas between the GoDaddy product and the Survey Monkey are not significant, and I will save over $200.00 a year if I throw in one of my GoDaddy Promo Codes I can bring the price down 10-20% more.

GoDaddy has a significant number of other Business Solutions as well which I have not investigated yet but plan on doing so.

  • Search Engine Visibility – Drive traffic to your Web site and increase online visibility through search engine listings
  • Go Daddy Contact Manager (CRM) – Boost repeat sales!
  • Go Daddy Marketplace™ – Get your products in front of millions of Go Daddy customers – list them in Go Daddy Marketplace!
  • Incorporation Services – Protect yourself and your business – Incorporate it!
  • Hosted Exchange Email – Get corporate-class messaging at small-business prices.
  • Express Email Marketing® – Bring shoppers back to your Web site with effective, high-quality, spam-free email campaigns.
  • Quick Shopping Cart® – Create and launch a stand-alone store or add shopping cart to your existing Web site.

They have some bundles on these products as well which will save you even more.

Recently I heard Leo Laporte complain about all the additional products that GoDaddy offers. Having been a satisfied customer of GoDaddy now for 5 years, I honestly wish I would have looked at some of these additional services sooner, as I could have saved at least a $1000.00 on just survey services over the past 4 years. So while you may not be in the market for business services now, at least you know that they are their to help small business people get off the ground with a package of Business solutions that normally would be pretty expensive stand alone from all of the one trick ponies like Survey Monkey.

I can guarantee you, with this economy saving money is important. To save even more check out my GoDaddy Promo Codes.

Disclaimer: GoDaddy has been a sponsor of my show for 5 years, and while I have 7 servers with them and over 200 domain names I pay for all of those services out of my own pocket. GoDaddy has not paid for this blog post,  it was written on my observations while visiting their website. I will do a full review of the survey service in a future article after I have implemented it.