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Your Next Doctor may be on Wheels

Posted by geeknews at 11:14 AM on September 5, 2010

Imagine you have been rushed to the hospital for a hear attack, and they roll you into the emergency room and start working on you. When you ask the nurse who or where the doctor is she tells you he is plugged into the charger. As you blink in surprise something that looks half segway, half television monitor on wheels roll into your room and your doctor introduces himself.

Little do you know, but he could be 300 miles away in his home, in cab, or at a party. He does his introductions and surveys the action and tells the nurses and staff what to administer and says he will be back in a few minutes. The screen goes black as he goes to check on another patient having a seizure in a hospital 1200 miles away.

During his absence you go into cardiac arrest and they need to give you another drug, as they are paddling you but cannot because the doctor is not in the room to allow it.  Sound plausible? It’s already happening! Want to be the patient on the table when said doctors Internet connection goes out?

I know this countries doctors are overworked and in high demand, but if we get to a point where doctors are making their rounds with a robot, I am going to find a new place to get medical care. Check out how Robots are being used all over the country.

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