Stitcher Now Runs in Background of iPhone

Stitcher Logo

Stitcher Logo

I’ve been using Stitcher to listen to most Podcasts. The only frustrating thing was that every time I got a call or had to check on something with the phone, I would have to re-open the program.

Not anymore.

Stitcher’s newest release features the option to run in the background. Therefore, you can read a text message, send an email, read your horoscope, check stocks and more while your favorite podcasts are playing.

Of course, we know that iPhone OS4 was bringing background application options. This was an application that truly needed it.

Stitcher is a way to get all podcasts through your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre. Stitcher is also partnered with Ford to give you podcasts while driving.

I am a Happy Camper…