Have I Reached My Limit with ATT?

I like my phone.  I just got it four or five months ago, and it works well for what I want.  It’s a semi-smart phone, which means I can check email from web-based programs (for me, gmail and yahoo mail) and do some minor surfing and post to Facebook.  It’s not great for intensive sites, but I usually am not doing that stuff on my phone anyway.  The phone has a great keyboard for texting (remember, I have teenagers and they only talk in text), and some useful apps like a calendar I use almost daily.

It’s biggest downfall?  It’s on the ATT network.  This morning when I got up and was headed to work, I needed to take care of something quickly via email.  My usual 3G signal was gone, and I only had EDGE to work with.  Really, ATT?  There’s a tower with line of sight of my house.  This is not the first time this has happened.  In fact, it’s maybe the third time in the last thirty days, not to mention the two times that service near my home was completely disrupted and we had nothing for three or four hours.  And I’ve written before about the trouble I had with ATT’s wireless broadband. And don’t even get me started on the nightmare service calls I’ve had lately regarding the ATT DSL connection to our home.  But the straw that has broken the camel’s back for me was our recent trip to Wisconsin.  I was in and near the Wisconsin Dells.  You would think I’d have had at least enough signal to make a phone call.  You would be wrong.

Really, ATT?  I’m paying you more than $200 a month for four phones with service and I can’t get service in places where I spend my time, and where I’d like to spend my time?  Your coverage map is completely bogus; I’ve checked the map, I should have had a signal every place I went last week (according to your map).

The problem is, I just replaced two phones on my contract, and have two more due for renewal this year.  If I jump ship now I’m going to be paying a hefty termination fee, a fee I really can’t afford to pay.  My only choice is to hold out for two years until I can move to a new provider, something I don’t want to do.  And the fact is, at least one of the phones that needs renewal this year is going to have to be replaced, regardless, as it is beginning to lose functionality.

What is a poor geek girl to do?  And what other provider do I jump ship to when it is time?  In my mind, they are all basically the same; if I switch providers, am I really going to have better service, or is it going to be the same, just with a different name on the top of my bill?