1. There are a number of issues that are causing the “old” media model to falter and break.

    A big part of the problem with “old” media is they have an “old” media mentality. At one time the simple fact that they were able to own million dollar printing presses, million dollar studios and million dollar transmitters gave them a bit of a monopoly and a bit of a guarantee that people would have to buy and/or consume their media product. Competition was limited by economy.

    That gave them the “gatekeeper” mentality — at one time, they could literally decide if a particular story was going to receive a lot of attention, or if it would be buried or perhaps not reported at all. Organizations establish something called “corporate culture.” Their corporate culture remains ingrained in their minds to this day they are the gatekeepers — they are in control of information, and by extension, popular opinions.

    The economics have radically changed along with the fact that the gate is gone because of the Internet. Yet, they still have the “gatekeeper” mentality. Here in the U.S. many major newspapers are still trying to control what gets emphasized and what becomes popular public opinion. The general public is now privy to all kinds of information, yet they see that the “old” media is still trying to ignore what are major stories. For a number of years now, every major scandal has started its life on a blog. In many cases the “old” media has been dragged kicking and screaming to be forced to report on the story.

    As a result, people are simply not buying the papers and are pulling the plug on the “old” media. They are too controlling, and a day late and a dollar short when it comes to pertinent information. I can get it NOW on my phone or computer or wait until tomorrow to perhaps see it in the paper. All major US papers have blatantly attempted to move their opinion page to the front page, and many people are simply fed up with what in many cases is simply propaganda.

    The media business is about content — content is king. Content, content, content. I believe if they get the content right regardless of how that content is delivered, it will be viable. If not, they deserve to die.

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