GNC-2010-06-07 #582 Iphone 4 Plus a Lot More!

I announce a couple of contest and a new initiative that I hope will help some Ohana get started with some new projects. Today’s news was dominated by the iPhone but I dug around and found the rest of the stories out there. To all of you that faithfully listen thanks for being part of the Ohana. Todd..

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Listener Links:
iPhone Versus Corp Policies.
China Censors Re-Entry.

Show Links:
RIAA Wants Limewire closed.
Chattanooga Tennessee US Fastest ISP.
Zero Day Adobe Exploit Bad One!
More Pay Raises for Foxconn employees.
SP1 for Windows 7 Soon!
Artificial Cornea Approved.
HP Printers to come with email address.
Casinos covering losses by saying bad code!
Has the RIAA succeeded?
Link Forwarding can be considered Liable again!
Face in Space.
Demo Hiccups Plague Jobs.
Whats new iPhone ver 4.
Upgrade Early to iPhone 4
720P HD for iPhone 4.
iPhone 4 Pixel Density.
Bing on iPhone 4
Why Wi-Fi only for Facetime?
WWDC what was Missing?
AT&T Conspiracy Theory.
FCC going after Spectrum.
Steve Rubel and Scoble Fav iPad Apps.
Website Prototyping.

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