Is It Really the Wireless User’s “Fault?”

“And just 3% of AT&T’s smartphone customers account for as much as 40% of its data traffic, contributing to slow transmissions and dropped calls.”

Quotes like this just make me want to scream!  This came from an article in USAToday about ATT’s intention to start charging new customers on a tiered basis for their wireless data usage.  The last part of that quote, “contributing to slow transmissions and dropped calls” is the thing that bothers me the most.  Really, are they going to blame users for using the service they are buying, the service that ATT is selling?

When are these providers going to get off their hind-ends and start beefing up their networks?  And this doesn’t just apply to wireless, in my book.  It applies to any ISP offering broadband of any kind, including DSL and Cable.  The ability of these networks to provide increased bandwidth has not changed in years.  And in some cases, the user’s experience is decreasing as more users are added to the already overloaded networks and neighborhood pipes. The same pipe that served 10 households five years ago is now serving 200 households.  The experience degrades for everyone.

Wake up, ATT, Verizon, Sprint, etc.  It’s not the users’ fault that the network can’t take the traffic.  It’s time to invest those billions of dollars you’re making in profits back into your network architecture, instead of complaining that we’re using up what you’re offering.  Do you really think that if you don’t make any changes to your network infrastructure, that you’ll get more users?  Aren’t you proving, by statements just like this, that you don’t have room for more users?