GNC-2010-04-29 #571 Object of my Tirade

Do not ever buy any charging device from Mophie. I explain in my show tonight on how this is the worst designed after-market i Phone charger and my experience with three failed units. Listen to learn how to win a Roku. We will give another one away next week. Next show will be recorded in Albuquerque New Mexico.

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Listener Links:
Progress Launch from ISS!
UK Technology Policy Debate
ASUS Keyboard with Speakers.
ASUS Keyboard Review.
Japanese Space Yacht.
Listener shares his Apps on his phone.
Inflatable Booster Seat.
Create your Online School.
Online Tattoo Simulator.
Digital Makeup Mirror.
Incredible ISS Pictures.
Aliens = No Contact.

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Water from Space.
Progress to ISS.
Chile wins big Telescope.
Sony TV’s with Intel Inside.
HP and Palm good match or bad?
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TomTom to save itself with Apps?
T-Mobile and Bandwidth Caps.
No Tethering yet from AT&T?
Space Balloon – 1 SUV – 0
No G’s for the iPhone.
Hotel Wi-Fi Ratings.
Gov’t Request and Google.
Thats my iPhone story and i’m sticking to it.
1 Million dollars for rights to cell Mobile ads to iPhone?
Is Facebook the New Mob?
40 Uses for Floppies.
2nd Chrome Patch Available.
NASA says no Life on Mars, Yet.
Gov. Palin email trial deadlocked.
OLED used for Infrared?
I can raise my own kids thank you!
iPad 3g Pricing!
Polaroid Lives.
Spirit sets a Record!
College Students Attendance Tracked!
Windows 7 Worst Features.

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