Blubrry Channel Live on Roku

Blubrry is proud to announce the launch of the Blubrry Channel on Roku. The channel is live with 200 shows with more shows throughout the coming weeks,

The Roku Digital Video Player offers podcasters on unprecedented exposure — seen and/or heard directly on your audiences’ television sets. Sit back and watch your favorite video podcast or clean the house and listen to your favorite audio podcast directly through the exclusive Blubrry Channel on Roku.

This year marks an apex in the evolution of alternative distribution capabilities for RawVoice and their family of podcasting sites. The plan is to launch other alternative distribution applications in the coming weeks and through out the year.

Disclaimer: I am the CEO of RawVoice as most of you know. I am beyond excited about bringing the Blubrry channel to the Roku Device.


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    This is a great day for GeekNews, RawVoice, TechPodcast and Blubrry! We here at PLuGHiTz Live! are super excited to see how this all plays out!