A Review of Tuneup

I had never really used the Itunes’ album view, not because I don’t like the concept, but because when I did it with my library there were far too many album showing the blue note indicating there was no album cover. I had tried to have Itunes scan my library, but many of my album were still not found. I had tried various other methods, but none were completely satisfactory until now when I found Tuneup.

Tuneup can be found at Tuneupmedia.com and it is available for either $19.95 per year or $29.95 for a lifetime subscription. You can also try it for free and it will scan up to a 100 albums. After downloading and installing it, Tuneup will appear next to Itunes when you open Itunes up. At that point you can then add your library to Tuneup and it will scan it to find missing data and album art. If you add your whole library it will take some time, it is better to add a small amount at a time. Once its finish scanning it will update your data and add album art. If like me you have a lot of singles, which are on multiple albums, Tuneup will offer you what it thinks is best choice and the other choices it has available. Then you can pick the one you want. Once you finish making your choices, it will let you know if any albums were not found for your songs. You do need to make sure that the information in Itunes for your songs are correct. I had a whole listed of singles that I didn’t know what album they came from, so I had listed them under Fun Time Album. I had to go back and clear that information out, so that Tuneup could update the information.

If that was all Tuneup did, I am not sure it would be worth the $29.95, however it does much so much more. When you start playing a song, Tuneup will pull up any matching Youtube videos that are available. You can also connect Tuneup with Twitter, Facebook or MySpace and share what you are playing with your friends and followers. Finally, it will let you know if any of your Itunes artist are playing in concert near you anytime soon. To me Tuneup is well worth the price you pay for it and I would recommend it to anyone who has a Itunes library that has a lot of missing album art and likes to share. If you have used Tuneup or any other program like it, do you like it, why or why not?